golden geckos not eating seems like their bummed out...


New Member
so I recently picked up 2 golden geckos at an expo. I haven't had this species before. I currently have a very tame phelsuma grandis who is very healthy and eats all sorts of things. Ive been giving them crickets and they don't seem to eat them. dubia nymphs are a no go as well. they eat fruit fly larvae and that's it for some reason. there probably each about five to six inches so they cant be sustained off that can they? ive had a little success with them eating some Pangea which most arboreal geckos will eat. they just seem picky. there environment is correct as far as temp and humidity. the guy I got them from said they were bred from free range goldens in there breeding rooms that were acting as clean up patrol. im wondering if them being in the vivariums they are in is making them unhappy a they used to freely roam around the room and hunt. they both look healthy still just worried about them...

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