Gravid Females and Proven Breeders for sale!!


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Due to financial problems, I need to sell all my leopard geckos. I have a couple gravid females and a couple possibly gravid females. They were all bred at the beginning of February. All females were bred to my Rainwater Albino Male (who is also for sale) Please check my site to order or contact me, or message me on here.
My site is: LadyLocks Geckos

Jungle Mack Snow - Bred to Rainwater Albino
Proven Breeder
Docile, Handleable
Listed at $90.00 plus shipping

Enigma Female - Bred to Rainwater Albino
Proven Breeder
Docile Temperament
listed at $140.00 plus shipping

Reduced Pattern High Yellow - Bred to High Yellow Het Giant male
Proven Breeder
Listed at $35.00 plus shipping
Not certain if she is gravid

Enigma Female
Super docile gecko - one of my personal favs!
Proven Breeder
listed at $55.00 Plus shipping

Bell Sunglow - Bred to Rainwater Albino
I'm not sure if she is gravid. No guarantees
A bit of a wild temperament
Proven Breeder
Listed at $150 plus shipping

Mack Snow Afghanicus Cross
She is on the skinny side, I got her from a pet store recently. Geckos from that particular store come from expos.
She is only for someone willing to work with her to get her weight up.
She has a great temperament
listed at $55.00 plus shipping

Rainwater Albino Male
Great reliable breeder!
listed at $86.00 plus shipping

Dark Phase Tangerine Male
Recently lost his tail
Proven breeder
Willing to deduct price
listed at $86.00 plus shipping

Giant Male
Very docile
Big male
Proven Breeder
Listed at $100.00 plus shipping

High yellow male Het Giant
Proven Breeder
listed at $45.00 plus shipping