HELP! Leopard Gecko won't eat


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Hello, new member teen daughter's leopard gecko, once happy eater, has stopped eating. We can occasionally coax him into a few worms, but it very few and far between, and a far comparison to what he used to eat. We have been supplementing him with Critical Care Carnivore, which he will lick off a spoon, but we are very concerned about the amount of weight loss. We have never been able to get him to eat crickets live or dead. We do spray the worms with calcium spray. Called the only reptile vet in the area and they said it will be over $200 just to take a look at him, so I'm trying here first. He has a 10 gal tank, reptile carpet, two hidey places, water, daytime temp 86 and he has a warmer under one of the hidey spots for a warmer place (which is where he primarily hangs out). This temp is maintained by a basking light during the day. We turn it off at night and tank temp stays around 74. Any advice greatly appreciated. I have no idea how old he is - she bought him from a pet store back in the fall. He grew quite a bit until around March, when this started happening. His name is Kiwi.

Thank you - our family appreciates the help!


How much weight has he lost? Do you have any photos? What are his stools like? Are you supplementing with vit D and multivitamin as well as calcium? On side note I would recommend a larger enclosure of minimum 20 gallons. Reptile carpet is known to harbor harmful bacteria which could make him sick. I would recommend getting rid of it and using tile, slate, non-adhesive self liner. The hot spot should be 90-93 degrees for proper digestion. If he doesn't have adequate temps he won't want to eat. Does he have a moist hide? You could also try dubia roaches, super worms, and very sparingly wax worms.

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