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Hey everyone,
I've had an on going problem with dusting mealworms.

My 3 1/2 month old juvie will only eat meal worms at the moment. And im worried hes not getting all the proper nutrition he needs (especially calcium) because of how much difficulty im having dusting these mealworms.

So prior to feeding my mealworms i gutload them for 24 hours out of the fridge with oatmeal, greens and a slice of flukers cricket orange cubes.

Then i try my usual supplement routine calcium without D 4x a week, calcium with vit D 2x week and a multivitamin once a week. Ive tried numerous methods of dusting the mealworms. I've tried the shake n bake. Throwing the worms in a bag with the powder, it never sticks. Ive tried shaking them up in a small deli cup with powder. Still not luck. I've even tried misting the mealworms then dusting them but no supplements ever stick. Currently im using reptical multi. Flukers vit+ D and zoo med pure calcium powder.

My leo also has a small waterbottle lid of pure calcium powder in his vivarium.

Is there any method or supplement you have used that is effective for coating mealies?

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Neon Aurora

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I have issue dusting mealies as well. The method I found works best is putting an excess of calcium powder (I use Repashy calcium plus) in a deli cup and using circular motion to swish the mealies around in the cup. They never get coated as well as crickets or roaches, but they get coated well enough. Perhaps Repashy sticks better. All of my hatchlings have only been eating mealies dusted with this method since hatching and they are very healthy.

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