I cannot seem to keep worms!


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I order in bulk from a reputable worm raiser here. 1000 of supers and wax worms (I've decreased the wax worms now knowing they aren't best for geckos) but I still keep them on hand. I always seem to have so much waste (for supers is just wake up to see a full tub just dead and rotting out of no where, wax worms there would be so much death and pupae!) what am I doing wrong? The supers come in just a box with egg cartons then the wax come in tubs of 250 on shavings. I rehome the supers into tubs of 150 on oats. Their tubs are ventilated and never cramped, what's going wrong?


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Massachusetts, United States
You can't really keep worms forever. They are best within the first month, and after that, you're kinda nursing them along. There are some things you can do to help extend their shelf life.

For wax worms, they do best around 50 F. Door of the fridge, especially inside a butter compartment, or a cool basement. Pick out any dead ones regularly.

For super worms, oats are fine. Make sure you provide something for moisture (carrot pieces, for example) and change regularly. There should be at least 2 inches of oats. Sift out frass regularly. If the oats are damp, put in fewer vegetables and/or sift more often. Ideally, they'd be at 70-80 F, not warmer.

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