is my leo ill?

Leopard geckos or Crested geckos

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I got my gecko 4 months ago he is 4 and a half months old. When I first got him he was healthy then he got impacted then he only ate wax worms, he then got unimpacted. Now he never comes out of his hide exept to get food and water and sometimes to go to his heat mat. Yesterday he kept his head down alot when I handled him. I am wondering if this is MBD or if he was tired. His diet is powdered mealworms and sometimes powdered pupas and use to have crickets(wont eat them any more). Is this normal? If not how do I fix it and why does he never comeout of his hide even at night?


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Since he is so young he is probably just scared. He is most likely out and about when you are sleeping. Your diet seems good maybe your gecko would like some small superworms(as treats) or some Dubai’s for some variety b cause some geckos get sick of being fed the same thing, as for the MBD I think you would have to post pictures but it’s probably a slim change he has it because you are dusting the mealworms


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hello. Do you have calcium available all the time for your leo? All I can suggest is research, research and more research. I would suggest your leo does not have MBD due to it's age and the fact that you are dusting the food. Each Leo has it's own personality, but for the most part, leo's are not sociable and would much prefer being left alone.

I keep calium (with no D3 in it ) in the tank at all time, and I dust the food with vitamin + calcium with D3. The other thing to watch like a hawk is the temperature of your tank. It needs a warm hide. I have three hides in my tank which includes a dry and a wet hide over the underneath mounted heating pad. I like to keep the warm hides in the mid 90's

Enjoy your little one!!
Good luck!