Is Stress Contagious?


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So I have been the owner of three crested geckos, two of which got up there in their years and unfortunately had to leave me :( however I still have a happy offspring. I have had him for about 6 years I think and he has been living quite comfortably

This gecko (his name is Eggbert) I didn't handle too much, however just recently I finished school and now I can devote a lot more time to making my geckos life better, so I have. I have been going quite in depth with research on natural diets, and it has been going well.

A few days ago I bought myself a Gargoyle (my very first) still a baby bout 8 months old, and still extremely stressed out in its new home as it is still getting use to it.

Now for my observation: My crested recently has been croaking at me when pet, and when I try to handle him. I think that having a lifestyle change and the stress from the Garg has made Eggbert more stressed than he normally would be (accelerated-deep breathing, fired up, and hiding after being pet). Has anybody ever experienced something similar?