leopard gecko acting strange


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hey, so i had a leopard gecko for the last 7 years or so (she's about 9 now), and in the last few days, she's been acting strangely.
whenever someone walks past her terrarium she starts to walk back and forth against the wall of the tank, like she is trying to get out. also, a week ago i saw that she had dug all the sand from one corner of the terrarium until she reached the bottom.
the only thing that has changed in the last month or so was that i started to feed her more regularly. so basically the pet shop near my house stopped selling any feeding insects about a year ago, and no one else withing less then an hour drive away sells any (i am a teen therefor i cannot drive, and in a bus it would take two hours to get anywhere that sells them).
so i would get her grasshoppers from a park near me usually once a week, and i know it's not optimal but that's all i could do at the time.
about a month a pet shop that did sell mealworms started doing shipments, so i ordered 50 as soon as i saw, and since i have been feeding her a worm every day or two while keeping some in s separate container to breed so I won't get stuck without food for her again. since then she started acting like that. should i do something else to compensate for the last year?

thanks for the help:)


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Ensure she has a humid hide in case the increase in nutrition causes her to produce eggs. It will be important to dust with vitamins, calcium, and D3 as well when using store-bought feeders. I usually recommend checking temperature and basic needs in the setup of geckos are acting restless, as well as ensuring they have enough space.

Caresheet for reference: https://www.onlinegeckos.com/leopard-gecko-careguide-caresheet.html