Leopard Gecko Tank Ideas for 55g


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San Diego, CA
So I've decided to help my friends rebuild their tank for 3 adult Leo's and need ideas. It's a 55g long tank and I want to make it fairly easy to care for but look somewhat natural. I am thinking of using slate bottom but I've not done this before. So my questions are as follows?

1. Should I lay sand down first before the slate to cushion it?

2. Is there a particular product I should look for? Anything to avoid?

3. Will an UTH warm the slate enough if I use sand in between the glass and slate?

4. They like to relieve themselves on one side of the tank. Can I use a mix of sand and bark on this side to make cleanup easier? Is there a better substrate to use?

Any other suggestions are welcome as I'm new to desert setups. Thanks for reading!

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