leos and fat tails on sale! Great starter colony! All need to go!


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I am reducing the prices of these geckos. their individual prices will be listed below their photo, if you are interested in buying the lot, I will take offers between 200 and 350 or best offer. I can no longer keep these geckos and need the extra money to afford my hospital bills.. all of these geckos are proven breeders, some females are gravid and others possibly gravid. Visit my site (listed below) for more info on the geckos. A link to that specific gecko will be below the photo. These geckos are like my personal pets and I really want them to go to a loving home. I also have 4 fat tails (all het caramel and a couple het whitesock) available, if you are interested please let me know. If you know anybody that wants some leos please show them this..
I charge 30.00 for shipping, if you buy the lot then shipping is free.


Dark phase tangerine
He recently lost his tail so I am willing to make him an add on

Rainwater Albino (las vegas)
He is a great reliable breeder!

Het Giant
Friendly male

Giant p. super giant
Very friendly


Bell Sunglow
Beautiful female

Enigma - Bred to Rainwater (2/5/14)
Friendly female

Mack Snow Afghanicus cross
I recently got her from a bad breeder, she needs a little extra tlc
I am willing to make her an add on too

High yellow - Nice reduced pattern


Fat tail pair - both het caramel
proven breeders
super docile!
will only eat crickets!


California redback Chuckwalla
Captive bred
Friendly male


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