Madagascar Giant Velvet Gecko


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DSCN0036.JPG Has anyone else kept or had experience with this gecko ? I got him about 18 months ago from a shop with little knowledge of care or even specie. He had a wound on nose that cleared up with problems but did leave a scar. I keep it moderately humid and it feeds mainly on crickets and CGD. I am considering housing him with Giant Day Gecko as they come from the same area.
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I don't have any experience with these specifically but I'd be interested in seeing and hearing more about how you keep him.


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He is housed in a 60 gallon "leaker" tank with the fish tank lid (helps with humidity) over a bioactive substrate. I keep temp about 5 degrees warmer than my crested. Mist every other day (can't give exact humidity as my humidistat needs battery). He gets CGD every other day and insects once a week. Interesting note is he ignores isopods (all other lizards eat them with gusto). As to breeding I understand that the incubation period is about 365 days' so cbb will never be common I guess.

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