Molding Egg?


So recently I have gotten gecko eggs but about 1 week in one of the eggs has started developing brown spots and is even a little green. I think it is molding and I don't think that this egg will make it. My female layed two eggs and one is doing fine and is very white and has veins. Here is a picture of the egg I think is molding. I am new breeder and I want to know how I can prevent something like this happening again. Also is there anyway to fix it? I will keep it till my other one hatches. It also has a little fur on the surface. 75702 75703


The egg might have not been fertile or the embryo has died. It happens sometimes. I would check it for life and if you are not seeing any healthy red veins or a heart beat then it is probably gone. If there isn't an air pocket at the top of the egg then it was not fertile to begin with, so in this case, you can throw it out to prevent more mold growth. Since you caught it early and your other egg is alive you can gently wipe off the mold without turning the egg and change out the entire mix you use. The reason you are getting mold is because of excess moisture and not enough air flow. Make sure you have the right amount of moisture and not too much or too little. Too much can cause mold growth and not enough can dry out the eggs. Open the container 1 or 2 times a week to allow air to circulate.

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