Multi-trait Enigma blowout sale


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Gilbert, Arizona
I'm trying to unload a few healthy, gorgeous geckos on a forum I know is knowledgeable and trustworthy. These prices are only for this forum, I have these geckos priced higher elsewhere. Just trying to move them out and make some room for new projects. All enigmas eat mealworms fine from a dish and are tong fed dubia roaches as well. I have never seen them stargaze or spin, just move a little slower than their normal counterparts. Shipping is additional through SYR FedEx priority overnight.

BEE het for Tremper female (22g)- $65
NOVA male (26g)- $70
APTOR het for RAPTOR male (20g)- $55
Sunglow het for RAPTOR male (32g)- $65
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