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Im making a suggestion. and everyone else is more than welcome to make more suggestions bellow ;)

Jack white, probably one of the most talented music artist known to man. If any of you have heard the name before, it probably fallowed "white stripes" as jack and his sister (just the two of them) have put out great albums since 1996. Well. for the last year jack white has created a new band called 'the raconteurs'. and i just bought their new album. the songs are real simple base rock, kind of oldschool. but still very good. i suggest it.

o ya, and my brothers album has been #1 in the UK for a while but i believe has fallen down. hes also on the list in the US. help them out
lostprophets - liberation transmission.

billyTalent II is also a good CD

and so is that cover by 30 seconds to mars.

k im done.

---wait no im not, does anyone know about the new ipod thingy?

o0 Ryan 0o

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Your brother is in Lostprophets? Very cool, I really like them. I didn't know they had a newer cd either.

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