My Leo Will Eat Dead Crickets


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New Jersey
My Leo, Curt Connors, will eat dead crickets. For instance, I can leave a squished-up cricket in his tank and he will stalk it, waggle his tail, and pounce on it like he normally would a live one.
This is in no way a problem, but I was wondering if because of this it would be safe to feed him either freeze dried or crickets that have died in the tank. Obviously I'd still dust them and everything, but my issue is that could the crickets who have died in the tank have parasites? And I don't know if the freeze dried crickets you can get in a store are properly gut-loaded. Also I'm curious if anyone else's leo has this habit. FYI: I'd still feed him mostly live food either way, but I'm still curious for feedback.

TL;DR: My leo will eat dead cricks, would feeding him freeze-dried or dead-in-the-cage crickets be healthy?



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Massachusetts, United States
Not really. Dead crickets, unless freshly killed, have begun to decompose, and possibly have rotting food or mold in their gut. Freeze dried crickets are missing the vital moisture component and aren't gutloaded. Live, gutloaded insects are always preferable.

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