New Ball Python Owner

White Shaq

I have a baby ball python named Zeus. When we first got her from the pet store she was in shed. We waited 4 day and then fed her a small mouse. She ate it without hesitation. Next week on the same day we fed her again, and again she ate without hesitation. Then the next week we went to feed her and she did eat it. I thought nothing of it because they have been known to not eat sometimes. Now it is the fifth week and she is nearing the end of shed and I went to feed her again and she would not eat. I was just wondering if she is stressed some how and that is why she she will not eat. Also she has wrinkly skin and I am wondering if she is too skinny. Also what is a good substrate for ball pythons, I am getting mixed reviews and am not sure. Other than that she is super calm and very curious. I am a new ball python owner and am worried about her. I know this is Gecko Forums but any advice would be appreciated.
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