New Gecko Owner


New Member
Hey all!

I'm a new Gecko Owner- (new reptile owner, really...I'll explain below )

I received a bearded dragon for Christmas. His name is Skywalker. =) The little guy is really smart, and definitely has a rambunctious personality.

Today I brought home a Crested Gecko (my mother insisted I name him Jabba.)

I know Impulse Buys are not very wise but this poor thing has been in +++++ for *months* and nobody wanted him because he's not baby-sized...they even marked him down to half price. Still no takers! He has some retained shed on a few toe-tips that I'm going to see about easing off...

But, long story short...I hope to get to know this forum, and use it as a reference for the unexpected member of my family. xD


Ridgewood, NJ
Congrats on the new member! I have found in the past that stuck shed is often due to humidity being too high. I haven't had issues since I started spraying my cresteds once a day only. I let their tanks totally dry out in between mistings and offer a moist hide in case they need a bit more humidity in between so they don't have to sit in wet air if they don't want to. best of luck with him!

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