Not Interested in Mealworms?


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Running Springs, CA
Hello, I am new to this forum as well as the gecko world. This past Saturday I found a small leopard gecko hiding in my trailer. I live in a mountainous area so it was very cold, I'm not sure where he came from and how he was still alive. I took him in, and that afternoon bought a 10 gallon enclosure and everything for it. I bought him mealworms and crickets, but so far has shown no interest in the mealworms. I gave him two crickets, but five mealworms are still sitting in his dish. Is there anything I can do to get him to eat the mealworms? Or should I just feed him crickets? Thanks in advance for the help.


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Are you sure he was a leopard gecko? Unless you live in their natural area it's pretty unlikely that's what it is. If you live in certain parts Texas, it could be a Texas banded gecko, which looks similar but has pretty different care. There are actually many species of gecko that look very similar. However, unless you live In Pakistan, Afghanistan, or the surrounding countries, it's pretty unlikely it's a leopard gecko. If you identify him as a native species of gecko, it's best to release him close to where you found him. Obviously, wait until it warms up a bit, though!

Good luck. If it is a leopard gecko after all, it's probably been released by a neighbor. You might need to take it to a vet to make sure it hasn't contracted parasites or something.

*Just realized this thread was a while ago. Oh well. Same advice applies anyway :)
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