Pooping in cool hide


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hello all
I'm very new to this, I just got a young (around 3 months) leopard gecko a week ago, and he finally started eating! Anyway, I have him in a 20 gallon tank (24"×18") with temperatures ranging from low 70s on cool side to mid to high 90s on the hot side. For the cool side I have a skull as the hide, and for the last few days he has been pooping inside the skull. This is not really an issue because the hide has an open bottom with a paper towel underneath, but i was just wondering if that is normal for them to pick a hide as an "outhouse" of sorts.


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They really will poop anywhere they want. They will pick a spot and always go back to that spot to use the bathroom. One of my leopard geckos poops on his hammock in his tank and another poops in her water bowl!