FOR SALE PVC Baby Bin Rack 6 qt

Greenville, SC
We build all our racks ONLY from 1/2" pvc. All our racks include recessed belly heat (the best in the industry, we upgrade you for no additional charge) and tubs, unless otherwise specified. On our 6 qt racks we use 4" instead of the commonly used 3". Is 3" "adequate"? Well it does mean your heat tape will work harder and that means so won't your electric meter. At Beeger Boxes we feel you deserver MORE than "adequate" . So keep your AC going knowing that your animals will still remain warm, toasty, and healthy. You're welcome. :D

We have numerous racks available but the most common one that is sold this time of year is the baby bin rack.

We build these in groups of 3, so we can do them in 9 tub units, 12 tub, 15, and 21. We don't do them larger than that because of shipping but if you'd like one bigger than that delivered to one of the many shows we vend, that's doable. Just call us at 603-475-3060 for a quote.

9 Tub -6 Qt Unit $150.oo
12 Tub-6 Qt Unit $200.00
15 Tub-6 Qt Unit $250.00
21 Tub-6 Qt Unit $350.00

Prices do NOT include shipping. Shipping will depend on the unit you purchase and can be found on the website.

For more info on our racks, you may either call us or visit the website atBeeger Boxes Reptile Housing | PVC & wood enclosures, racks, caging, displays, customs