RBP Gut Load Chow


Captive Bred
This is a Personal Mixture of ingredients I came up with over the past couple years when I was breeding Crickets and Dubias. The Chow was a hit with them, as the Dubias chowed it down once they realized it was food. With the combination of Water Crystals, fruits,veggies they grew very well and produced well for me as well.

Many Have already purchased this chow from me over the years and loved it. At First they do tend to be hesitant to the switch, but once that is over they chow it down.

I have available Fine Coarse Chow and Small Coarse Chow. Size will matter mostly on the size of the insect and type your feeding.

10- 6oz Fine Coarse -$4 Each
17- 6oz Small Coarse - $4 Each

Shipping is USPS Priority which is Extra

Small Flat Rate box holds only 1 Container.
Regional Rate A Box holds 8 Containers.
Large Flat Rate I have yet to check but im sure hole 12+.

Dubia Roach Colony Setup - YouTube