Skunk gecko!?


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Hingham MA
So i saw him at a pet store and had to grab him! Only 30 bucks! He is a white lined gecko or skunk gecko. I like him a lot! Only thing that makes me a little nervous is hes fast! I also read hes related to tokay gecko, now worried hes going to bite me. Can anyone give me a little feed back if you own a skunk gecko can they be handled at al,l or is he just meant to be looked at?


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I would suggest only handling when necessary( just meant to be looked at). not sure on CB pricing for these guys but I am assuming he is WC there fore more skittish and likely to bite. You don't want to stress him out at this stage. I would let him settle in for a few weeks then IF you feel the need to handle try taking him out. these guys don't have nearly the jaw strength as tokays , so a bite from them wont be as bad or bad at all. you can slowly tame them with repetitive short non stressful handlings.
I like to take flighty animals and cup them in my hands. So they feel secure, like they are hiding in a crevice. after a wile they seem to relax and enjoy the warmth of your hands.
I would still watch out for escape attempts especially with a flighty fast sticky toed gecko. they can get away on you quick. If I were you , for now I would just enjoy watching him in his enclosure.


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Melbourne, Australia
Could you provide us with a scientific name for tghis gecko as I don't konw of any australian gecko with "skunk gecko" as a common name. If it is WC from Aus then that is very alarming.

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