So, I need some super cheap Wax Worms in massive bulk.


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Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
I have a particular need for really cheap live Wax Worms, but after a couple months of searching I've really come up dry. The cheapest I was able to find Wax Worms was $12.50 for 500, but I need 500 for closer to $5.00, and I also need quite a few. I need around 350,000 Wax Worms. Most farms I've asked about such orders say they wouldn't have a problem with orders of that size, it's just that I would not be able to receive a discount of any kind. I'm running out of farms to haggle with and people to ask, so I'm starting to hit up some forums where awesome fellow exotic-owners may know where to procure that which I require.

Any help would be absolutely amazing!



Ridgewood, NJ
Wow that's a whole lot of worms! I know with other bugs the shipping is the main cost when buying so the more you buy the cheaper they tend to be. I don't know anyone or any company that produces them in that quantity so I'm not much help but wanted to wish you luck in your search!!