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Hi everyone.

We have a beautiful tremper sunglow for sale, she's being sold as a "pet gecko" because she's not able to be bred. Please see below under comments for details. As always, please visit our website if you are interested in purchasing a gecko.

Morph: Tremper Sunglow
Hatch Date: 4-13-2011
Sex: Female
Weight: 80g as of 6-9-2013
Feeding on: Dubia Roaches & Superworms
Price: $120


This beautiful looking tremper sunglow was initially purchased from Steve Sykes. We bought her a couple of years ago to use her as a breeder. Unfortunately she would not accept mating from any males we have tried. We've tried a similar sized first time male, we've tried a proven male breeder, we've even tried a super giant sunglow male we have. Anytime a male would get close, she would shake her tail (as female's way to say no to mating). If a male does try, she would bite back. We've tried for 2 seasons and usually if it doesn't work out for 2 seasons, it'll never work out. So this is your chance at owning a grade A+ tremper sunglow.

She is being sold as a "pet gecko", meaning she won't mate and can't be used as a breeder. But there's absolutely nothing wrong with her, she's actually extremely docile and tolerate handling very well. She just for some strange reasons does not like male geckos attempting to mate. She is at a healthy 80g, feeding very well on dubia roaches with occasional superworms. You can see her coloration is exceptional, this is because she came from an Urban Gecko bloodline. She has 80-85% carrot-tail, it is absolutely beautiful. She is the very definition of an A++ tremper sunglow.

We really wished she would've worked out as a breeder, we had high hopes for this project. But unfortunately things like this happens in this hobby, nobody can predict if a female will turn out to be a good breeder or not. While we would love to keep all the beautiful geckos we have, as small scale breeders, we simply can't. Space is always an issue when you breed on a small scale. Don't miss out on this Grade A+ tremper sunglow at an ultra cheap price. We purchased her at over twice the price we are selling her for as a pet gecko. We just want her to go to a good home, please make sure you do thorough research on owning leopard geckos before purchasing. Thank you.




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Shipping is $55, if you order $350 or above shipping is free
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James & Nicole
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This beautiful TUG Tremper Sunglow is still for sale, price have been slashed to $110. Plus take additional 10% discount by using the 4th of July coupon code "4th" in the shopping cart. Don't miss this chance at owning a high quality TUG sunglow (which usually cost over $400).

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