Veiled Chameleon set up?

good 'ol AL :/
Okay I got a veiled chameleon the other day from petsmart. We got her, got all of her stuff, and got her home and got everything all set up. Okay well last night I went to check her cage for poop and to feed her, and I noticed that her sticks we're starting to mold. I don't understand how. The pet store guy recommended the eco earth, coconut fiber bedding, since that's what they were using for her there. I've cleaned out any poop or cricket mess daily. I stir the dirt up to make sure it just doesn't sit there with it being kind of wet and all. So how could it try to mold so quickly? (In about two weeks.)

And how humid is their cage supposed to be exactly? The guy, and the few care sheets that we've found said that their cage was supposed to be at moderate humidity, since that's how they get their water and all, but I can not for the life od me get that cage that she's in to hold any humidity, so I have to mist her cage often, which seems to stress her out a little.

But, yea. Any advice would be much appreciated. Even if it's not directly related to these questions. Thanks in advance guys!! :) :help:


Wicked Gecko Queen
Honestly I wouldnt use any substraight.. I never did when I had my cham. You vould join the cham forum, theres allot of nice people there who will give you allot of help

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