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welsh morphology

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My good friend over at Fauna Photography JH hatched a few of these black and white kuroiwae. There were 5 in total and 3 normal orange coloured with red (normal) eyes.

A lot of people said they were hached at too high temps, they would colour up etc etc. That didn't explain why the temps were spot on, they had absorbed all the yolk sac, a few were in shed or shed very soon after, ate very well.... That to me is not a gecko that has been hatched at too high a temperature. Also there were normal orange one in the same clutch at these temps.

So 7 months on they are still black and white, the normal ones are still orange but the really interesting thing is the eyes. They are dark but also partially pigmented too. I snapped some pics to show everyone. I don't think there is any chance of them colouring up to orange now. It's going to be very interesting following this project


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