WANTED: All White or Gray Banded Hainan Cave Gecko


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I am looking for a younger cave gecko (hainan) that has all white or gray bands, no yellow. I have seen pictures of some but never come across any with white or gray over yellow. I assume most people want the bright yellow and breeders focus on that. I just wanted a white banded one badly. I can buy or trade two of my young cave geckos for one with white bands. If you have one with all white bands, please, do contact me. Young adult/juvi prefered but open to adults as well. Gender does not matter to me at all. If you know someone who has them let me know please. I am willing to pay a little extra for the one I seek. Willing to pay or trade two bright yellow Hainan Cave Geckos for an all white banded one as i mentioned. I Will take anything between young juvi to young adult.

snider083089 at gmail dot com


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Those are just juvenilles. especially the bottom one. It's not uncommon for hatchlings of the genus to hatch pure black with white (or sometimes colored) bands, but they darken up to normal colors rather quickly.