What age to sex Cave Geckos?

Tenor Goddess

Iguana Whisperer
beautiful So Cal!

I was wondering how old a Cave Gecko in general should be in order to successfully sex these kids? I read that with leos using a photographer's loupe at 4 weeks of age (minimum) would work and it did for me sexing my leo. I have a 10x photographer's loupe presently.

Since these kids are so small (I have had them since 8/3/11 and they were 2g then...been making sure they have all been eating before doing a weigh in to limit stress). :) These kids are doing GREAT. I have no idea of the 4 what sex they are and didn't want to attempt to sex them due to being new still here until I know when I can successfully do it using the loupe.

Kindest regards,

Amanda :D

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