What type of albino do I have?


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Please know that while any of us can take an educated guess, it is often times difficult to tell the albino strains apart. In order to know what you have (with most morphs), we would need to know the genetics of the gecko's parents. While these geckos make great pets, it is best to buy geckos with known genetics if you plan to breed. This doesn't mean you need to spend a large amount of money to start either. Often times breeders will have lower priced geckos with known backgrounds for sale. Also know that none of the albino strains should ever be crossed. Please read muddy waters for more info on this.


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And to add to that ^^:

If you buy an animal from a pet store, it is that- a pet. So please think about a few things before you post asking what your leo is.
1) Did you buy it with any parental information? If so, list that information when you ask. It makes things a LOT easier and quicker.

2) Did you buy it as referred to a 'pet only'? If so, then it is just that. These animals typically do not come with genetic information because they are not intended to be bred. They are referred to as 'pet only' for a reason- usually being they are either byproducts of muddy genetics, have a deformity, or are retired breeders.

3) Did you buy it from a pet shop? This coincides with whether you have parental information, since not many stores provide such info. If you got it from a shop, and didn't get any parental info, then it should be treated as a pet.

We understand that many people feel the 'need' to know what they have, as it makes them feel as if their animal is more special. Look at it this way:

All of them, from normals, to the most expensive morph combinations, are equally as special.

If you have an albino leo, but do not have any genetic info for it, then just leave it at knowing it is albino, as no one will be able to tell you with 100% confidence which of the three types it is. And no one type makes it any more lovable than the next. :)

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