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    Mack Raptors, Eclipse, Super Raptors TSF

    I have a bunch of babies getting close to the 15 gram mark feeding on a varied diet of regular mealworms, dubia, and occasional crickets. They were incubated at 80.5 degrees, I cannot guarantee sex but genetics are always guaranteed. Discounts on multiples and ship up to 3 geckos for $40. I...
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    Female Super Raptors, Tremper snow het Raptors, Mack snow het Raptors

    I have several female Super Raptors, Mack Snow het Raptors, and Tremper Mack Snow het Raptors available. All are close to 20 grams and feeding very well on regular mealworms. Great for a Total Eclipse project. Shipping is an extra $55, I accept Paypal only unless you are local to Arizona...
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    A Few Nice Unsexed Crested Geckos

    I have several 2012's I'd love to move to great homes. These kids are all feeding great on Repashy's diet and calcium dusted crickets. If you have any questions or to see photos of what's available please email me at [email protected] or visit my facebook page at : J&J Reptiles | Facebook...
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    1.2 Snow Raptor group

    This raptor male has sold, and so has the tremper super snow. Only the BEE is available. Thank you. **BEE has now sold, thanks
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    1.2 Snow Raptor group

    I have a gorgeous male Raptor possible Mack Raptor, a BEE het for Tremper (Black eyed Enigma), and a Super Snow Tremper female. All are between 25-35 grams, all born 2012. $250 shipped to lower 48. I accept PayPal only please, and ship FedEx priority overnight through SYR. Any questions...
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    Nice Juvenile Crested Gecko SALE!!

    ***ALL SOLD, more on the way!
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    Multi-trait Enigma blowout sale

    Nova has SOLD
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    Nice Juvenile Crested Gecko SALE!!

    I have a bunch of nice crested geckos from excellent Pangea bloodlines priced to move! $50 plus shipping for any gecko, all are unsexed 7 grams and larger. Shipping is through SYR Fedex priority overnight. Contact [email protected] for the fastest response, thanks for looking! Pictures of...
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    Multi-trait Enigma blowout sale

    I'm trying to unload a few healthy, gorgeous geckos on a forum I know is knowledgeable and trustworthy. These prices are only for this forum, I have these geckos priced higher elsewhere. Just trying to move them out and make some room for new projects. All enigmas eat mealworms fine from a...
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    Male Novas, Enigma Raptors

    *Nova with regenerated tail has sold *One of the Aptor Enigmas has also sold
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    Male Novas, Enigma Raptors

    Four beautiful male geckos for sale. First Nova has a regenerated tail $90, second one is perfect $100, and two Aptor Enigma het for Raptor males $75 each. Discounts on multiple or group purchases and shipping through SYR runs about $50. Email me with any questions at [email protected]...
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    Pat- Luxurious Leopards

    I just received a male super RAPTOR and a female W&Y tremper het for RAPTOR and could not be happier!! Beautiful animals, amazing quality and safety of the animals during shipping was a priority to him. I would not hesitate to purchase animals from Pat again. Excellent communication, so happy!
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    My Cresties...Aren't they stunning?

    These are phenomenal, from who did you get these amazing animals?!!
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    One of my Leachies

    Beautiful, I hope to own one someday as well!