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  • The striped gecko I had at the show today shed this evening and she got lighter with an orange cast to her. A new one hatched while I was at the show and she is also a stripe. As you probably know, your neighbor bought the non-stripe at the show.
    I'll be there with my first two AFT's who are just a month old. One is a stripe and kind of dark but the other is getting light just like yours.
    The second one hatched 2 days after the first and significantly bigger. They have both shed, though not eating yet. The second one shed to be a gorgeous lemon yellow, but we'll see what develops. The first, smaller one, is very fiesty. I had to help her shed her feet the first time and she bit me all the way through. Meanwhile, I got the first clutch of eggs today from my second female.

    First AFT hatched tonight and is a stripe with light coloring, though it will change I"m sure. I'm not sure if it will be big enough to sell at the NE Herp show in May but I"ll be bringing it then so you can see it if you come. I'll take a photo eventually and post it.
    I'm waiting eagerly. THey've been incubating for 8 1/2 weeks. Last year's batch took 9-10 weeks, but I've heard that the hatch time with the SIM is shorter. I'll send you a message as soon as one hatches. I'm really excited.
    Those guys are just amazing. I was really expecting them to darken eventually. It will be interesting to see whether they get their color from the father or the mother. We'll see how this year's babies turn out.
    I had a feeling they were females. Are they still light? I have 5 good eggs in the incubator from the father of your AFT's and another female. I also have a second female who has another week of quarantine before she joins the crew. I'm doing better this seaosn with AFT's than with leos.
    Just wanted you to know that the Gecko Time article that comes out tomorrow (Tues.) has a picture of 3 of my AFT hatchlings, at least 2 of which you own.

    They sound big and healthy. Mocha, their mother, died right after New Years but she had really been ailing for nearly a year.
    I just looked at the gallery. They are really gorgeous. It's hard to believe they came out of their parents, who are nice looking AFT's but nothing special. I'm getting ready for next season (going to stop cooling the AFT's on New Years) and looking forward to seeing what I get this year.
    That's amazing. Take some pictures in a few months. I'm also curious to see what happens with their color
    Yep, I have seen that biting behavior. It only seems to happen around feeding time. I sold my last AFT hatchling to a kid up in NH today. I'm looking forward to next season.
    Remember that these guys have spent their entire lives in a rack, so they may be a bit intimidated by the open space. I'm sure they'll adjust; my leopard geckos that have moved from the rack have all adjusted. It may take a little more time, though. Keep me posted on the "male female" thing. It would be a comfort to know that at that incubation temp they were all females.
    I'd say to be on the safe side, let them get comfortable enough to eat and then you should be able to handle them. They are used to being handled daily. I'm glad they're doing well so far.
    No problem. I just need to know before 11/29 when I go to the White Plains show. I havae 2 stripes and one non-stripe. One of the stripes (the one that didn't go to the Weymouth show) is much darker than the other 2.
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