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  • Hi. Yeah everything you wrote is true.
    LOL. More info on her:
    She is a show off!
    Lives with 2 other smaller geckos.
    Not dwarfs.....But she rules the tank.
    Not mean but takes no POO from the
    other two. Little body has a Skeletal
    defect making her body look like a
    "pocket watch"(in my mind)
    Loves to and is a great climber.
    There are other types of dwarfs.
    Other "Spider" type I found were in
    2004, 2005, 2006, 2009.....
    None are living now.
    Longest one (2006 one) was
    about 2 years.
    Others had much shorter lives.
    That part is not easy to think about,
    since my Spider was hatched in 2008.
    Take care. HJ
    People said it was a carrot tail she has less spots than in my avatar
    what type is tours?......he looks nice and bright
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