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  • i bought a collection and I had a couple females that didnt look like much and I bred one and got the eclipse that I posted in "show off" and siblings. I'm not that fimilar with afghans. do both look afghan? how do I know if it is afghan or a snow cross. I really love the look of these and you have some incredible geckos and you have been working with these for some time. I say I think they are afghan crosses because I dont know the genitics for sure and they look like other afghans I have seen.
    Hey Dusty can you go check out some photos of a couple of geckos on my profile page. would like to see what you think.
    Hi. My names Rene. Just wanted to interduce my self. Its alway nice Cali native geckoforumers.....friend request sent.
    I just wanted to tell you i got on and i liked your babies. looking forward to maybe doing some trades in the future.

    Jill Roudebush
    Hey bro, how's that Helix working out for you? I ended up getting a radient heat panel for a Carpet cage from them. Anyways, good to meet you at the show :)
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