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    Colour Vision?

    Hi all Here’s a question... Can leopard geckos see in colour, or only certain colours, or in black and white? Does anyone know if there has been any research into the eyesight of leos? Cheers, Dakota
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    algae in water dish

    It's just personal opinion, not saying that others shouldn't use it. I use a disinfectant cleaner for reptiles :)
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    algae in water dish

    Personally, I wouldn't use bleach. Even if the dish is rinsed afterwards.
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    She doesn't like the taste...

    Hey all, Here's the situation... My leo always used to eat her food that had been dusted with Komodo Calcium with D3 with no problems. However, recently she doesn't eat her mealworms that have been dusted. She acts just like you expect a hungry leo to act when they see food; She gets right...
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    No longer eating mealies?

    My leo, Amber went from being a very non fussy eater when I got her to now being rather picky. With her, it was the other way around. She used to eat crickets, now she only eats mealworms. I put her non fussy eating down to "making up for lost eating", as she probably wasn't fed much in the...
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    Help Needed With Sexing Amber!

    Just a quick update... Thanks to all who showed an interest and helped to sex my leo, Amber. I've waited about 3 weeks now and I think I can say that she is indeed a girl. The bulges that she had are now reduced. Additionally, the size and shape of her head supports this, (her's is smaller than...
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    Put on Your Sunglasses!!

    Here's my brightest, and certainly my only leo... Amber :) She's about 6 months old.
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    Amber - Latest Pics!

    Amber says thank you for all your nice comments :)
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    Mealworms and Refrigerating

    Thank you for all your comments, they have been very helpful :) Dakota
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    Naturalistic Home

    Hey, thanks :)
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    Naturalistic Home

    Hi all, I posted some pictures about a month ago of (my first leo) Amber’s Home. Here are some updated ones! I’ve managed to get some more fake plants to make her home even more naturalistic. The plants on the ground were bought from a pet shop, specifically for reptiles or fish. I don’t...
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    Mealworms and Refrigerating

    Hi all, I understand that by refrigerating mealworms stops them temporarily from developing into the pupae stage. I think this is the best thing to do now the weather is getting hot here and I would like my mealies to last longer. However, here's the question... When mealworms are in the...
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    Lost interest in crickets

    Hey guys, My leo, Amber, has lost interest in eating crickets. I've had her for just over a month now. For the first few weeks I fed her with just crickets. She seemed to enjoy them. I moved on to a combination of crickets and mealworms, and no problems there. I offered her some locusts and at...
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    Amber - Latest Pics!

    I'd never took a real close up of her eyes before. It's only now that I've noticed how cool they are :)