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    My care needs a vital organ transplant sale...

    20% off everything (excludes shipping) Destiny Desert Snow Gecko
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    Tremper Snowglow Enigma Stripe

    Posting this guy up for auction on Reptile Auctions. Starting bid $1. To bid go to
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    or Trade- Make your own Super Stealth Enigmas!!!

    This Beautiful male is an early 2011 hatch. He is phenominal! He has two fine snake eyes, a light yellow frosting, with bright white skin, and NO enigma issues. He eats mealworms and dubia ( he LOVES dubia ) and crickets. Tades: Make offer- interested in Leopard geckos, African Fat Tails...
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    AFT Breeding Group?

    Call Text or email me with details... Minimum of 1.2. Not patties please, but other morphs OK.... Please also TRY to be reasonable with your pricing! Thanks! Call or text anytime Destiny 480-427-9401 Or Email [email protected]
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    CANDY CORN! (lol) Male Giant Raptors!

    These 2 are out of Geckos Etc parents... Mom is a Gaint Raptor Dad is a Giant Snow Raptor! Powerhouse gentics on a hobby breeder budget. :) I have one snake eyes and one soild reds. If you want one- its $115, and if you want 1+ take $15 off for each. Please calculate shipping! I can ship Usps...
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    Sweet Halloween Candy! Female Giant Raptors!

    These 3 are out of Geckos Etc parents... Mom is a Gaint Raptor Dad is a Giant Snow Raptor! Powerhouse gentics on a hobby breeder budget. :) I have on snake eyes and 2 soild reds. If you want one- they are $100 for the snake and $125 for the soild reds, and if you want 2+ take $15 off for each...
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    clutch mates hatching

    Holy heck those are cool.... what Morph are the parents? I get all squirely with the crested morphs... they play fast and loose with the gentics there.. lol...
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    Possible Giant Raptors

    BUMP- AND PLEASE TAKE OFF $15 DOLLARS FOR EACH ONE! Need these guys to go home! lol
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    Possible Giant Raptors

    Beautiful Raptors for sale! Growing so fast, and such beautiful colors. Asking prices listed but if you are interested- lets talk! :) Buyers choice for shipping. Please keep that in mind.. Ships from 85204-- please add that to your total. We take paypal, mo, chashiers checks and personal...
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    Making room....

    Please Calculate your own shipping using the method you prefer: FEDEX UPS USPS From zip 85204 Mack Snow Tremper Albino Enigma Male No ES Handsome guy... has personality, very friendly. Breeding weight! Asking $60 Bold Stripe Tremper Female Very pretty girl, has very...
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    Giant Mack Snow Raptor Female For Auction

    Starting bid is $20... Auction takes place at Ends Oct 9th @ 7pm Eastern. thanks
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    Assortment of Breeders Sunglow Group (sold) Female SHTCT Giant (sold) Female Blazing Blizzard Tremper Unsexed Super Snow Hatchie Male Mack Snow Male Mack Snow Tremper Enigma Female Mack Snow Tremper Eclipse Not Pictured (Can email or text pics on request!! Please ask!) We have...
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    Adirondack Geckos

    I got a group of het Radars from Kathy and they are GREAT! She feeds her babies well, and is super friendly and really goes the extra mile! I would buy from her in a heart beat! Thanks SO MUCH! The shipment was fast, and SO WELL packed. She is very keen on details. She has some things up for...
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    My new Balls.

    Lovely! I want the belly bee!
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    desert snow gecko

    Thanks Jonathan! Tell Leo and Bella I said Hi!!!