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    Photo contest Sept

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    Crested gecko cage sizing....

    So I have two crested geckos (Both female) and was thinking about breeding them. I'm not going to have a ton of babies or anything, but I was wondering if I could put a male in with my two females. It's a thirty gallon tank and the two seem to be doing great. Any thoughts?
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    Does anyone else miss the photo contests?

    I signed up for geckotalk to enter my geckos in photo contests and to answer questions about my geckos. But once they stopped giving out prizes I lost interest, then they just stopped photo contests altogether. I used to get on geckotalk everyday to see if there were new photo contests because I...
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    I need an idea!

    I have a small 9 gallon tank and was wondering what kind of pets could I keep in there? I was leaning toward small geckos but I am honestly not a fan of feeding my pets other animals....:rolleyes: So I need a smaller gecko or any reptile that doesn't require the consuming of other animals.. I...
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    Very frustrated......

    I have been all over the internet google, websites, everything you could think of and am left with nothing. Well, I have a thirty gallon tank and currently have two crested geckos living in there. I was considering buying a third and couldn't find anything on if that's the appropriate tank...
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    I recently lost my chameleon bessy (today) And to fill the void I was looking at some hamsters... probably won't get them for a while but I have a hamster cage in the shed so why no look into them? I wanted a robo hamster and was wondering do they bite alot? Do they like to be handled? And are...
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    Goodbye Bessy!

    Today my poor little pygmy chameleon died a slow and very painful death.. she was just the sweetest little thing.. R.I.P. Bessy!
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    Photo Contests

    That's a good idea! :)
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    Photo Contests

    What's the word Josh?
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    Okay :) thanks guys I was just wondering :D
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    Actually since December of 2011 :D how convenient I can check!
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    So I was just wondering why under my profile thing it say's I'm a "Hatchling gecko" But I've been on the forum since like.... June-ish. So I was wondering if it's the message count or.. the trophy points or what? Thanks :)
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    Photo Contests

    But maybe just a small thing. I'm sure he could probably find some cool plant or something ;)
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    Photo Contests

    I liked it it better when we could win prizes for entering the contests.:D Then more people would enter and it was fun seeing everyones geckos and voting!:) Don't you guys agree?
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    Pygmy Chameleon......

    I'm thinking about buying a pygmy chameleon but cannot find a caresheet....... I need anything you got, and some tips too! Thanks!