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    Hey :] well yea...I have only been around here for a few months started with one gecko now got three. Lets see how many I will have in a few months lol.. Thanks about the avatar :]
    Hi, it will be a little slow for me to get eveything uploaded on here. I dont really get on the internet much anymore since I got my Blackberry.
    I finally got a heat regulator for my snake's heatpad:) Before I had to always have my ceiling fan on full blast when it was plugged in. Speaking of corns, do you have any suggestions? I've had him since late February and I still don't have a name for him?
    It's all right that you took a while to respond... I don't get around to checking my CP very often. My life's busy too.
    Just wanted to say hey from Maine! :D And thanks again for all your help..will be a few weeks til I can get anymore leos cause I will need a rack first lol I tried building one and maybe will try again but need different wood and better tools :p I have however narrowed my imediate list to 3 more leos to get my first breeding season going :)
    Cool. You have your own website!

    My leopard gecko was fortunate. Back when I really wanted a leopard gecko, I went to my local pet store (it was the only one in the area; a new pet store that actually cares about the animals was just opened recently- they don't carry heat rocks since it's a product they don't believe in, for an example) and got Draco when she was just past the juvenile stage. She really stood out to me due to her inquisitive personality. I noticed that she pretty skinny. So I went with her. After a week when she was settled in, I saw her trying to climb the glass. I noticed a dark purple spot on her belly, and only a month or two ago did I actually find out that it was a bad sign. Fortunately, I've got her nice and plump and docile. The only thing that worried me was when she was shaking her left front arm like crazy about 3 weeks after I got her. I don't know about you but I think that Draco is a pretty fortunate leo.
    I really like your leos; I only have a normal; I really wish I had a snow:)
    I just wanted to say that.
    hola what's been up in your life? Long time no talk lol...I'm in da chatroom if you wanna talk lol nothing better to do over here haha
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