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  • thanks for the birthday wishes! I haven't been on in forever because of work school and all that fun stuff haha(so this thank you is really late) haha. anyways, what's up?
    Ive heard of rusk but never been there but its cool that there are several gecko people within a decent distance from me
    i found that pic a very long time ago, and i dont remember where i found it. I think maybe deviant art. i love this pic b/c its like my leo, he doesnt like being enclosed and gives me that look "why am i in this box? let me out!" and then he glares at me like he's gonna eat me if i dont let him out. lol
    yes ma'am. i just got back from vaca today. so it was a really really reeeeeeally long day. but yupp. i did. ill prob be sending her her out next monday 3rd.
    Hey thanks for the friend invite! You have some awesome artwork! I never even thought to sell mine through here ( I also had no idea you could make albums!)
    Lol, thats funny! There is actually only a few people I have ever met with a birthday close to mine. Glad to know theres another! :p
    Woo hoo!! Heading to Dallas right now to the DFW Rep Expo tomorrow(Sat. 11th), YAY!! :D
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