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    Anthony Conti, Owner of Facebook :
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    You know what, James from EmberGecko has had a reputation of doing this before. He used to live near me, I went to his house a few times and saw his facility (an upstairs reptile room) Nicely put together. With some impressive quantity and sized geckos.....but what I saw after that turned me off...
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    Trying to contact Anthony, aka GreatGeckos

    I did thanks Aliza. Stacy and I are on very good terms from what I assume. I think she may be getting some beautiful geckos here in a while :) from me again.
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    Urban Reptiles a sham?

    You need to take them to small claims court. Get a lawyer to call them, with the medical bills and tell them , to pay for it or you sue.
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    Extreme Emerine Breeders 100% proven het Raptor

    This is the pair that produces all my amazing Extreme emerines and EE raptors. Im selling all my geckos to help my bro out with medical bills. He also wants a clown and banana ball python. Cash price for the male is 420 plus shipping, Female at the bottom of photo is 275 plus shipping, Female...
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    Red Stripe Extreme Emerine Female 100% het Raptor Holdback ready to breed

    Selling my holdback ready to breed amazing Female Extreme emerine 100% het raptor. she's a red stripe Jungle not patternless, the red and orange just overtook most of the pattern. She's absolutely amazing, the only other person who has these is Ron Tremper and he sells them for over $500. Im...
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    Sell EE male breeder her raptor

    No doubt on of the top ee's in the world 500 free shipping I can pair him with my EE female breeder for 750 shipped Also selling my last 2 female LGM tangs 175 each or both for 275 email [email protected]
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    Amazing holdback red stripe extreme emerine 100% het raptor female ready to breed!!

    Here she is ! 8 months old 50 grams she was the best I produced you can see the red stripes down each of her side they're complete stripes all the way to the tail. She is breath taking look at that head pattern. And she's 100% het raptor. The possibilities with this female are endless imagine...
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    LGM tangs and lavender extreme emerine.

    Bump > PRICE REDUCED. If you're interested in these geckos they're $90 each plus shipping. If you want all 3 its 220 Plus shipping. This will go to the first person who sends me an email at [email protected] and makes the payment. Thank you, hurry if you want a top genetic Extreme Emerine...
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    LGM tangs and lavender extreme emerine.

    I'm selling 2 LGM tangs (they usually develop 80%+ carrot tail) these tangs are 55 days old they already have amazing carrot tails and deep orange color and great contrasting pattern, they also display a common trait of LGM tangs they have black colored feet it's really impressive with the red...
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    Trying to contact Anthony, aka GreatGeckos

    Anthony Conti.
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    Trying to contact Anthony, aka GreatGeckos

    I was hospitalized from a car accident. Since I've been out I've sent her both geckos. The bandit she paid for and a free LGM Tang it had a little bend at the tip of the tail. Stacy is a great person and she wanted to have it as a pet so I was extremely pleased to send I to her. This is no...
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    Extreme emerine breeder male

    I'm selling my breeders please email if interested he is 375 plus shipping. Also selling the last of his offspring at discounted prices and my female EE breeder. I'm moving so it's time to downsize drastically :( Please email for other pictures of geckos for sale from breeders to juvies. Thanks...
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    Posting holdbacks

    Also if anyone is really serious about breeding, and is serious about getting top geckos I will do a special holiday package of some Extreme emerines - your pick of males / females at a very very reasonable price. This offer will last till the end of the year. I will give a major discount for...