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  • Yeah, I know some of the pics are fuzzy, the only camera I have is the one on my Blackberry. And the "Sara," pic (the only one thats not fuzzy) was scanned, & I cant do that with all my work because most of my stuff is drawn fairly large.:main_robin:
    That would be awesome, I hope you get me for secret santa!!! I can't believe it's not very popular, we love stuff like that :main_yes:
    Oh wow! Thank you. Not many people have noticed that one. (I guess 'cause it doesn't have a big scary monster or something like that in it. :p) It's done in Photoshop and was just meant to be venting art. But thanks! I haven't really considered making a print of it as it's not very popular, but if I get you for Secret Santa, I'll totally get you one! :)
    Wow I was just browsing your deviant art page, and that Rejuvination picture is amazing. Reminds me of something Alex Grey would do, but it's totally different.. (I'm really speechless here) but it's very beautiful to say the least and I'd totally buy it lol
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