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  • Hi this might be a random question but I can't find anyone who can seem to answer it. I want to go to the Scott Smith's all animal expo in Wheaton, IL. I wanted to know about how big it was and about how many gecko vendors there were. I figured I'd try and ask some people from IL who may have gone there before. If not sorry to have bothered you, thanks!
    Yea i've been super busy also, havnt mated anyone yet waiting for weight and age on some males. But good to hear from you after like what 3 months.
    Hi, just letting you know that i never received anything of my secret santa! i realy dont know what happened...
    yea i feel you and your right..shoot if u start something up like that let me noe!!i'll b in
    hey khrysty, im sorrie i didnt answer your question about what the brand name was..the second post i put up was a mistake, im new to the website so i was trying some stuff out..but yea the name is Reptilite CALCIUM SUBSTRATE and the grains are Spherical and it contains Strontium and Magnesium and has no Silica or Phosphates..lmao wow i new reallie read it "those are a lot of big words" lol but yea theres a sh*t load of info on the box that talks about how it cant harm your leos..sorrie for the long message but yea lol
    I was wondering what are the bands or the names of the calcium you use and the one with d3 so i can get some im using the rep cal the one with the pink label what others do you recommend
    you shouldve heard me!
    i squealed and screamed for 5 minutes straight!!
    i thought i was gonna pee myself i was so happy lol
    as soon as they get settled in here in a few days ill post some pics :)
    so today i got my 2 geckos from nev...the ss and the LVPA...
    well to my surprise there was ANOTHER tub!!
    he sent me SHTCT for a late birthday present!!!!!!!!!
    ahhhhh im so happy!! might but if i were you id try it on a sample piece first just try out some different things could take an end of a paintbrush and make ridges in the sides of it and kinda make it pointy
    lol :)
    yay im on it today! those ideas are amazing tho i mean if i could do that kind of thing i would..
    you're so lucky!
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