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  • Ok thanks for letting me know. The post can be unreliable, especially if your gift has to be shipped overseas. I'll check with your SS to see whats going on. Give it until February and keep me posted, k?
    Hey Julian!
    I got the book a few hours after my reply back to you on Friday. LOL Sorry I haven't updated you sooner. You must know me better than you think, i love having stuff like that around! Also, I didn't have that book yet so it was awesome to get it. Thank you! I'm sure I'll have a use for it many times with these critters around. It has loads of info and looks like a good book to have on hand! Thanks, I really appreciate it! Have a fantastic Christmas!
    So you're secret is out! You're my secret Santa! I haven't rec'd anything yet so I'm not really sure what book you're calling stupid. LOL I'm sure I'll love it though. Books are always nice. The rock sounds nice too! = ) I tend to go looking for things for their cages as well. Thank you very much for anything you send. I appreciate it!
    I would love to see pics of your guys.... if you ever figure out how to get past the laws, you have my address! LOL And you can send me your enigma too if you wanted, he's gorgeous!!!!!
    Thanks again! Merry Christmas!
    i love my leopards!!! and have some great collections of leopard and crested geckos , i have been 8 years working on a daily basis with this type of animals (as a hobby) so please let me know if some one need something!!!! in my collection you will find:
    -Tang. Enigma het. Raptor
    -Novas of course...
    and much more....

    Hatchlings coming soon !!!!!!!
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