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  • I just want to say I love your new avatar, she looks like she's striking a Cleopatra pose. :D
    Sherlock is actually eating regularly now! Almost every day or every other day. I hold him for a few seconds when he is out, but other than that I realize he doesn't like to be held so I leave him alone.
    I also acquired two new baby cresties about a week or so ago who are both eating like champs and don't mind occasional handling, but there still young so they still need to trust me and such..

    Now that my Crestie is Leo hasn't eaten in 2 months, I got him to eat 3 small crickets last week, but that's it...

    How is little, err, big Puzzle these days??
    Yeah My Leo is freaking huge now...I've gotta upgrade hides soon too. He's not a baby anymore...T_T

    I'm not sure what's wrong with the Crested, he's not ill or anything, he just is not a good eater, and he ALWAYS poops on me, even if he hasn't eaten in a week he finds it deep down inside himself to take a poo on now I just ignore him basically and just feed him and mist him.
    Hey, everyone is doing good, I'm not so sure about my Crestie sherlock, he eats, but it is irregular and not good, I am debating on whether to return him or not...

    How's puzzle doing?
    No, The Crestie is Sherlock Holmes, I just call him Sherlock, Watson is my young tiger salamander.
    Oh as a matter of fact I did.

    I thought I might as well call him Sherlock (holmes) Since I already have a Watson.

    Ironically after naming him he started to eat after a month and a half of not eating haha.
    Thanks ... I am a friend.
    LOL nice haha I can name 4 Emily's off of the top of my head: 2 friends of mine, me, and you ^__^
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