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    What am I?

    very cool Gregg, best of luck!
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    What am I?

    My guesses are a leucistic kingorum or a caudolineatus
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    New Puppy

    got a new puppy today from a friend His name is Winston and he's a jack russel/american eskimo
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    Lrrr the Savannah Monitor feeding on superworms and attacking me. Enjoy :)

    Nice healthy looking sav (not overweight lol) might want to bump up the humidity a lot, help him clear up that skin
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    Big Birds Babies

    awesome for sure 32 is a lot, thanks for sharing!
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    New male sara

    nice edition to the menagerie ted!
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    Losing a friend

    It was so weird how just a few minutes before she was on the couch trying to eat my sandwich right out of my hand, and then she was just gone. For a few days I just felt like I was living in a horrible dream and any minute I would wake up and she would be right there next to me like she...
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    Losing a friend

    So last friday I lost my best friend My 8 year old beagle rat terrier mix was hit by a car after running out the door while moving furniture outside. She was hit by a speeder who never slowed down, never looked back, and has officially earned my hatred, and I am not one to hate. Snoopy's pelvis...
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    Macro face shot

    awesome shot man her colors are great
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    Have you tried CGD?

    when I worked at a pet store my manager would always try things that looked, smelled, or what he thought might taste good and he had a mentality of if my pets can eat it why can't I? yea he was odd, good guy though and when we got some CGD in or clarks, can't remember, but it was peach so he...
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    Yes, little Timmy, avoid the icky hairless rats. :|

    yep thats just how people are, I have one for you I worked at a pet store for a few months and I was talking to a lady about dogs and why we dont have any... anyways she tells me that her dream animal is a wolf and goes on about how she knows so much about them and stuff, then I tell her my...
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    First hatchling of the year

    gorgeous little baby man! hope the other ones pop soon, not literally though
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    and you're on MFK too 9+3=12x2=24 48 divided by 24=2 this is easy stuff, was it suppose to be hard?
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    XRay case study: Lets play "What did this animal eat?"

    T bone steak? um a stick? shoe? my aunt used to work for a maids service and the dog at her clients house got sick and hacked up a part of a womens pleasure toy