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  • sorry been so busy , yes I recieved it thank you soooooo much the puppy loves teh toys especally the screamin monkey lmao. thank you again :)
    I'm jealous, you guys have had a way better summer over there. It's been rainy and cold all summer here in NS.
    Are you planning on going to the expo here in the fall? I figure it's probably a long haul but if you're getting into breeding it might be a great way of getting your name out there.
    I'm thinking of getting a male, but not starting a full breeding program.
    Thanks!! I've actually checked it out a few times, however I find it's not really updated all that often. Where do you live in the maritimes?
    He/she was mine at one point, it was a rescue as well. I eventually had to move and sell my collection, so i sold him/her to a lady in ohio who had a colony of them. By far one of the coolest animals i ever had:main_thumbsup: oh and the cage was pvc coated wire.
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