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    H-O-W-D-Y, i took in a blind leopatd gecko from my vets that needed a good home, he is doing well actually its just there are a few things that confuse my, do i turn off his lights days or at nite, i have him in A tank with a 100 watt basking lamp annd the temp is between 87-72, i have a sheet at the bottom so he will be mors comfortable and a big piece of wood for him to sit on, i mist him frequently as there is still skin left over his nose and face from his last shed before he was in my care' He really is the cutest lil bug and i wanna make him comfortable as can get so now i am working out the moisture hide away, wahts the best substrate i can use to make it and what should i make the house out of, just a tupperware container? any advice
    Also i tried a drop of honey on my finger, how often does an adult eat and how do i sex it? I forgot to ask vet, figured i best learn to do it myself.
    I also let it lick calcium off my finger.
    Oh Iam sorry I ask to see pictures of the calender and saw that they was already on thier sorry for that post Iam slow at alot of things.
    Hello um how much is the calender? whear do I go to buy one from you all?

    Thanks Holly12
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