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  • hey Olimoia,, it's me Stanleys mom on CF...... i just recently acquired a leopard gecko..... something i have been thinking about for a while, the opportunity was there and i acted on it....,,,, now i would really love your help keeping her healthy!!!!!!

    thanks ,, lisa
    Fedex Kinkos, but they charge for a color scan & for a color copy, so it can be very expensive coping everything the first time *rollseyes*
    Ok, but...Since what I sell of art are copies I still have the original pictures, so I will always have them available if you ever decide you cant live without one :)
    In case anyone else in going, I'll be at the show in Tampa this saturday. So if you want to meet up or something just let me know :)
    ooohhhhhhhhhh well im hispanic not spanish lol..pero my aunt's husband is from spain but ive noticed a lot of people who are from spain live in uruguay thats where part of my familie is from the other half is from brasil..but thats cool i should go to spain and see the sites lol
    la española !!!!! i know thats not your name im from uruguay i just thought id say it for fun..just wanted to saie thanx for ur input..
    Hey there! I just noticed that you're in Melbourne after seeing what Anthony posted! I'm right outside of Melbourne (Palm Bay) and Matt/Mallorie (MALT_geckos) are in Melbourne as well!
    Hey, thanks for the pic comment. You have some pretty cool pic.s too, I really like to first 2 of the shed. :)
    Hey I seen your in Melbourne. I'm in Vero. I'm Anthony. I wanted to introduce myself since we are neighbors!
    Hey! Thanks for visiting my little profile :)
    I will upload photos and some artwork here as time goes by, so there is stuff here to see if you're ever bored.
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