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  • sorry ofek i don't know where you would get any of those incubators, i built my own to my own design, it works great and holds over 50 eggs in each temperature zone,
    Thanks for your hospitality. My aunt and uncle made aliyah nearly 40 years ago and lives in Jerusalem (giv'a ha'tzarfatit). My cousin and his family live in Amoka, north of Tzfat. Where are you?
    If you want to see pictures of my leos, you can find my breeders on www.iherp.com. Do a search for "acpart" and it will take you to my page. I also have a website: http://geckcessories.wordpress.com with some of the hatchlings, but it's pretty out of date. In general I work with tremper albinos, SHT's, Mack snows, and stripes. I'll be breeding an enigma for the first time next season.

    I'd love to keep chatting with you, but let's do it through my email "[email protected]" because the message box fills up here quickly.

    THanks for the good wishes. I was just in Israel last Dec. after 22 years away. We'll try again for soon (husband has to get a job first). Hebrew is my second language; I'm very comfortable there. G'mar tov.

    Thanks for you messages ofek. I want to make a natural looking environment for my gecko, but also save. How do you feed you gecko? If you feed them crickets or mealworms they can hide in you enclosure? Right?
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