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    I'm interested in the rainbow stripe female. Do you have a pic you could post?
    really anything just mainly doing a pick and choose for breeding. Like i said we have gotten so many snows i was something different.
    Hey I'm interested in your BB female.
    I got Sunglow 3F along with her sisters in the summer of '07. She was born in May of '07. Unfortunately the seller did not notice that she had MBD and neither did I at first. After a couple of weeks of having her is when I noticed it and I increased her calcium uptake. She was housed by herself for several months to make sure she was ok and then I housed her with 2 other females for a few months.
    Then I changed around my rack system so she is by herself again.

    Like I said in the post her bones are nice and sturdy.
    She gets along great with other geckos.
    She is a real sweetheart. Very healthy and fat.

    This is an older picture of her.

    The one in the post was taken in sunlight and in Sept '08

    That's her life story!
    If you have any other questions feel free to message me.
    Michelle :)
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