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  • I only wish my hair was like that, I looked into getting it dyed like that picture & I got quoted $200, FOR GETTING IT DYED!! I guess it was so expensive because of all the colors they'd have to use :(
    No, my avatar pic is a painting by me, not me, just something I thought of. Most of my art is just out of my head, some from bordom, some are from pictures. The boy, caribu, african tree, plants, frog, & horses are from pictures, all the other ones I was just borded, started drawing, just random stuff I think of. I will start selling my drawings eventully, I mostly just sell my paintings right now, thanks for the comment on my caribu :)
    hey! I just got to open your amazing gift! yours is taking a while to send out because I have to get to the post office on crutches! But...I plan on sending it out by the end of the week- just waiting on one thing to get delivered to me... what are you working on for breeding projects?!
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